Selecting Your First Clip On Genset

When consumers are in need of a piece of equipment that allows them to transport containers that need to be kept chilled, clip on gensets are a reliable solution.  These generator sets, which are sometimes referred to as nose mount gensets, are utilized by companies such as caterers that work with food and other perishables that need to be kept cool.  Clip on gensets are similar to underslung generators but have a contrasting mounting method.  While underslung generators are attached to the standard chassis frame, most clip on gensets are mounted directly onto the reefer container.  These generator sets act as the required power source to transfer containers when standard power source options are unavailable during transport, whether it be traveling by rail or road.

The installation and dismantling of a clip on genset is simple, which gives consumers easy, quick access to service the unit when need be.  Additionally, most models have an easy-to-use electric start.  The variety of generator set models and sizes also vary, providing consumers with a numer of options to fit their specific set of needs.  Clip on generator sets are dependable and are created with high-quality, built-to-last materials.  Clip on genset models now offer streamlined dimensions, high-temperature coolant cutout features, manual control on and off switches, engine hour meters, corrosion protection and even the ability to double stack.  Over the years, generator sets have evolved due to varying climatic conditions and advanced technology.  These enhancements now result in lower emissions, despite the temperature or size of the load.

The upfront costs of a clip on genset are often worth the long-term benefits and ultimate cost savings.  However, due to the expense of clip on gensets, many companies offer a variety of ways to purchase them which include renting, leasing and buying them outright.  Many manufacturers also offer buyers installation and maintenance of their generator sets at an affordable cost.

Depending upon the maker, clip on gensets may be tested prior to purchase in order to guarantee that each one functions properly and is ready for use.  When it comes to the upkeep and proper maintenance of clip on gensets, most have a 3,500-hour service interval that does not require any after treatment.  This means that if a clip on genset runs for eight hours every day of the week, generator users would not be required to service the equipment for approximately a year and two months. To learn more, contact a company like Genset Pool.